Family Dental Insurance

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Find affordable family dental insurance plans near you that fit your budgets and cost coverage needs. 

From routine cleanings to occasional fillings to more serious dental treatment, paying for high-quality dental care for your entire family can get rather expensive. Family dental insurance can help you budget for the cost of maintaining your own, your spouse’s, and your children’s oral health. 

If your employer offers you dental insurance through a group plan, you may be able to add the rest of your family to your plan as dependents. But even if you’re self-employed, retired, part-time, or your full-time employer simply doesn’t offer adequate dental benefits, you can still purchase an affordable family dental insurance plan to help you save on the cost of dental care. Guardian Direct® offers three tiers of family dental insurance plans so you can customize your coverage. Learn how to compare family dental plans near you and find a plan that suits your needs. 

Affordable family dental insurance 

When looking for the right dental insurance plan for your family, the cost is an important factor. You’ll want to find a plan that offers you adequate dental coverage without putting too much stress on your finances.  

When buying a dental insurance plan through Guardian Direct, the cost will vary depending on your state and how many family members your plan covers, among other factors. The tier of plan you select will also impact your monthly premium cost. Guardian Direct offers a full breadth of coverage options for preventative and major dental care services. If you’re looking for a basic dental plan to help you pay for checkups and cleanings, Guardian Direct Starter offers our most affordable coverage, starting at $20* per month. More comprehensive coverage will come at a higher premium cost, but higher tier plans typically come with lower out-of-pocket costs. 

Family dental plans near me 

Dental insurance costs, policies, and coverage amounts typically vary from state to state. While dental insurance is available for purchase online throughout the United States, you’ll want to look for a plan that offers affordable coverage and allows you to visit dentists near your home or work. (Because who wants to cart their kids all the way to the next town over just to take them to the dentist?) 

While you may have a lot of options for family dental plans where you live, every insurance company has a different provider network. If you visit an in-network dentist, you’ll typically enjoy more savings than if you visit an out-of-network dentist. You’ll also have to do less paperwork. Whether your dental insurance will cover the cost of services received from an out-of-network dentist will depend on your plan. Dental PPO plans cover a portion of the cost of covered services received from any licensed dentist, while DHMO plans do not offer any benefits at all if you visit an out-of-network dentist. This is why it’s important to make sure your family dental plan has in-network dentists in your area. Click here to find a dentist near you in the Guardian Direct network

Because your location can influence your dental insurance costs, coverage amounts, and annual maximums, be sure to request a quote based on your zip code when you’re shopping for a new family dental insurance plan.  

Note that different insurance providers may charge different rates and offer varying levels of coverage, even within the same zip code. It’s a good idea to shop around and compare policies before committing to one family dental plan.  

What does family dental insurance cost? 

Family dental insurance costs will depend on the type of plan you purchase, how many individuals in your family are covered by your plan, and where you live.  

The easiest way to determine how much a family dental plan will cost you is to get a quote directly from the insurance provider. Unlike health insurance, purchasing a dental insurance plan and getting a quote is typically a very straightforward process. No need to wait for annual enrollment periods or make any phone calls – family dental insurance plans are available for purchase through Guardian Direct any day of the year, with guaranteed acceptance and instant approvals. Coverage begins on the first of the month following enrollment.  

To get a family dental insurance quote from Guardian Direct, here’s all the information you’ll need to provide: 

  • Your first and last name 

  • Your age 

  • Your email address 

  • The names and ages of your spouse and/or any other dependents you’d like to add to your plan 

  • Your address 

  • Basic information about your dental care needs 

Then, you’ll have the chance to explore plans based on your coverage preferences. Guardian Direct offers four plans: Starter, Core, Achiever, and Diamond. Each tier varies in coverage and price. 

  • Guardian Direct Starter offers basic coverage. It covers preventive care such as checkups and cleanings up to 100%. It also covers basic services such as fillings up to 50%, subject to waiting periods and annual maximums. It’s ideal for families looking for the most affordable coverage. 

  • Guardian Direct Core offers many dental benefits in one plan for families who visit the dentist regularly and anticipate needing basic dental work. It covers preventive care such as cleanings up to 80%, basic care such as fillings up to 50%, and major care such as root canals up to 50%, subject to waiting periods and annual maximums.  

  • Guardian Direct Achiever is a full coverage dental plan for families who visit the dentist frequently and are thinking about more complex dental work. It covers preventive care such as cleanings up to 100%, basic care such as fillings up to 70%, and major care such as root canals up to 50%, subject to waiting periods and annual maximums. It also covers orthodontia up to 50% subject to a waiting period and annual maximums for plan members under the age of 19, making it a great choice if your children might be needing braces in the future. 

Of course, when it comes to the cost of dental insurance, your monthly premium isn’t the only cost you’ll want to take into account. If you select a plan with a higher premium, you’ll likely pay less out-of-pocket – if you select a plan with a lower premium, you’ll likely pay more out-of-pocket since you receive less coverage. Applicable deductibles, co-pays, and annual maximums can all affect how much you end up paying. Do your research carefully – you don’t want to choose a family dental plan with premiums that stretch your budget, but you also don’t want to purchase dental insurance that doesn’t adequately cover you and your family. 

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How to find a family dental insurance plan that is the best choice for you 

When it comes to dental insurance, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. The best family dental insurance plan for you depends on your budget, your coverage needs, and the individual members of your family who need coverage. But certain factors can help you make that decision for yourself and get the most out of your plan. As you consider your individual preferences and shop around for plans, look for these key features: 

  • Large provider network – Choosing an insurance plan with a large dental network and plenty of dentists and specialists in your area means you won’t have to travel far away to receive quality coverage your plan offers. Guardian Direct has a network of 100,000+ in-network dentists. Covered family members can choose to receive treatment from any dentist they’d like – no need to choose one dentist for the entire family. 

  • Coverage that suits your needs – Consider what matters most to you. Are you looking for savings on preventative treatment? A blend of preventative treatment savings and basic services? Full dental coverage? The most affordable family dental insurance option? Guardian Direct offers 3 tiers of plans so you can choose the best one for your needs and comfort level. 

  • Cost – Consider both monthly premium costs and applicable out-of-pocket costs and make sure the plan fits into your budget. The whole point of dental insurance is to help you save on the cost of dental treatment – make sure you’re purchasing enough coverage to make you feel comfortable. 

  • Covers dependents – Most individual dental insurance plans can cover either just you or your entire family, but they vary when it comes to who qualifies as a dependent and how long your children can stay on parents’ insurance. Some dental insurance plans only cover dependents until age 19, while other plans cover dependent children up to age 26 with no questions asked. If you have adult children who need coverage, you may want to look for a plan that covers children up to age 26. Guardian Direct covers dependent children up to age 26, or even up to age 30 if they are full-time students.  

Family dental insurance cost – Insights 

Though family dental insurance does come at a cost upfront it can help you plan and budget for your family’s dental care in the long run. Dental insurance can help you cover the costs of both routine dental care and major procedures. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you learn more about how affordable family dental insurance can help your family save money and have better oral health. 


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