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Accident insurance

Guardian Direct accident insurance pays cash benefits to you if you have a covered accidental injury.

Accident insurance helps with the unexpected expenses that medical insurance doesn’t fully cover. If your child is injured during an organized sport, the cash benefit paid increases by 20%*.

What is accident insurance?

What is accident insurance?

Guardian Direct accident insurance pays a cash benefit to you if you have a covered accidental injury. When someone in your family is injured there are often costs that your health insurance doesn’t cover, especially if you are unable to work.

Why accident insurance?

Cash benefits paid directly to you

Cash benefits paid directly to you

You pay $0 before your plan pays benefits

You pay $0 before your plan pays benefits

Pay any bills you choose

Pay any bills you choose

Find a plan

Protect yourself and your family from an accidental injury.

Accident Insurance coverage for injuries and treatments

Coverage for 25 types of injuries and treatments

What we offer

Kid’s sports

With the Children’s Organized Sports Benefit, if a dependent child is participating in an organized sport when an accident occurs, the benefit paid will increase by 20%**


Concussions, lacerations, fractured or broken bones, dislocations, burns, surgery, coma, loss of limbs, and death

Ambulance services

Ambulance rides, including air ambulances

Emergency care

Urgent care doctor visits and emergency room visits

Diagnostic tests

X-rays, CT or CAT scans, MRIs, or EEGs

Hospital treatment

Intensive care unit admissions and stays

Restorative treatment

Prescribed appliances, prosthetics, injury related crowns or extractions, and eye-surgery or object removal


Physical therapy sessions and rehabilitation care

Is accident insurance worth it

Is accident insurance worth it

Your health insurance may cover some of the costs of an accident but it may come with a high deductible. The out-of-pocket costs of your health insurance alone can deal your finances a devastating blow. Supplemental accident insurance can help you pay these bills so you can focus on your recovery.


Over 40 million people each year are treated in an emergency room for an accidental injury¹.

Accident insurance coverage

Accident insurance coverage

Many car and life insurance plans include some level of coverage for accidents. But many of these plans may not cover additional expenses such as childcare, pay for missed work, your mortgage, or car payments.

With supplemental accident insurance, your premiums do not change when you use them or if your health changes.

self-employed accident insurance

Self-employed insurance

When you are self-employed, if you miss work you often are missing out on potential earnings. Personal accident insurance can allow you to pay for things like childcare or even groceries while you or your loved one is recovering from an injury.

Some of the occupations that can benefit the most from supplemental accident coverage include:



Construction workers

Auto mechanics

Independent contractors

Ride share operators



Gig workers

Accident insurance advice & insights

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