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I love your company. Your website is very easy to use. I have recommended your company to my friends and family!

Debbie Immers

jun 28, 2022

Have encountered a number of problems with premium payments which I am certain was caused by your billing department. After weeks of trying to resolve the issues, I spoke to your Customer Service personnel and fortunately was put in touch with Karla. What took many weeks of going back and forth with your personnel with no correct results, it was Karla who analyzed the problem and took the necessary steps to resolve the issue. She was patient and assured me and my husband that she will get to the bottom of the problem which she did. She contacted us in a few days as she promised you would do and assured us that the problem was solved. She is an excellent employee of your Company and I hope you will pass on this review to her.


jun 20, 2022

When I need them they are always on time. I have no problems getting my needs taken care of.


jun 20, 2022

Great employees


jun 19, 2022

Guardian Direct has been awesome. Quick responses when sending out-of-pocket receipts. Very much appreciated.


jun 19, 2022

Pleased with your services.


jun 17, 2022

I really like Guardian dental insurance. I went to the dentist for a full exam, cleaning, and X-rays, and when I asked the guy at the counter what my bill was, he said nothing. Guardian paid it all. Now you can't beat that!


jun 17, 2022

Enrollment was quick and easy. Didn't have to talk to anyone. Enrolled about 3 months ago. Had our first dental appt yesterday for the family and everything went smooth. Limited out-of-pocket expenses. Great company.

Terry Lynn

jun 17, 2022

Awesome plan! Lowered the cost of my dentures considerably!


jun 17, 2022

For years I was convinced I wouldn't be able to afford any dental insurance, so this has been a huge relief. It's affordable and it helps me get the care I need.


jun 17, 2022