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Muy Bueno.


feb 28, 2022

I haven't been with you too long, but I am very pleased with the service. You take care of everything, and the help paying for the dental bill is huge! You fit my budget and I look forward to a long commitment with your company.


feb 28, 2022

This has been good coverage. Coming into my second year now with no problems and good service. I’m staying here.

Henry (Hank) Craig

jan 31, 2022

It's great to be able to have affordable dental care. I've had no issues with Guardian. Everything has been paid, and all questions answered. I would definitely recommend Guardian.


jan 31, 2022

Guardian is a great company to work with. Their dental network is extensive with outstanding dentists.


jan 31, 2022

I have been a customer for quite a few years, and Guardian has one of the best customer service teams. The paperwork is processed promptly, and if any issues arise they are taken care of in a timely manner.


dec 31, 2021

I’ve have had my Guardian plan for about 5 years now. Their customer service is always very caring and helpful. This plan also has a lot of dentists to choose from. It gives me peace of mind.


dec 31, 2021

Actually, I even convinced my co-workers to change their insurance and get Guardian Direct!


dec 31, 2021

I switched from Cigna to Guardian Direct dental insurance late last year because our dentist stopped accepting Cigna. So far, we are very pleased with Guardian! Claims are paid to our dentist expeditiously, and our co-pays are relatively low.


oct 31, 2021

I’ve had Guardian dental insurance for 40 years and have never had a problem with the coverage. I plan to keep this insurance for many years to come. Guardian is a great company.


sep 30, 2021