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Have had coverage with Guardian for three years. Have never had a problem with coverage or having the service paid in a timely manner. Nice to know that should an emergency occur, it's covered.

Thomasjun 17

I have been with Guardian for years. They are great and so quick to take care of claims. I would recommend their dental insurance to anyone.

Stephaniejun 17

Guardian has been great. They give status updates on claims, and process them promptly. We've had their dental insurance for several years, and they have been a pleasure to work with.

Erikajun 30

Easy enrollment. Very affordable. Great coverage for my dental needs.

Alexaug 4

It was very easy to enroll in my plan. Everything was laid out in an easy-to-understand way and the whole process was very quick.

Jamaraug 24

I am very pleased and happy with Guardian. I signed up for the Dental plan and within a few days, was at the dentist for a checkup and cleaning. No problems locating a local dentist in-network. Thank you, Guardian.

Anthonyjun 2

Easy, fast, and you get exactly what you're looking for... I did! Highly recommend!

Bonniesep 1

Guardian has helped us save money and stay within our budget.

Briannaaug 9

Quick service, great rates, good coverage!

Robertmay 28

The site is very helpful and guides you through the signup process with ease. Thank you for helping to make my life easier and healthier.

Justinjun 2

The entire process was smooth and problem-free. I love the fact that I only had to wait a week before I could use my insurance. Love it so far!!

Charlieaug 19

Very easy to do and I'm very relieved to have dental insurance now.

Morganjul 7

The coverage is great.

Claraapr 30

Guardian Direct was fast and easy to enroll. I had no problems. I know I have the insurance I need.

Lucysep 8

Guardian has allowed me to take good care of my teeth without a lot of hassle and expense. Thank you!

Codyaug 18

This insurance company seems to be a company that takes care of its customers. I look forward to using the benefits of this insurance policy and being a customer!

Leeaug 10

This was a very easy and stress-free enrollment. Coverage was timely and lots of dentists to choose from in the Network.

Colinaug 7

Our dentist recommended Guardian Dental. Signup was easy and simple. Billing and payment are automatic. Coverage is what we expected. All in all, Guardian offers very good service. We are quite satisfied.

Karenjul 6

Very easy, clear benefit explanation and very smooth registration process.

Kaijun 3

Always there for your dental needs.

Geraldaug 26

I retired at the end of 2019, so my COBRA coverage expires at the end of this month. My wife and I have always had Guardian through employment insurance coverage, and were afraid that we could not buy Guardian coverage on the open market. I was wrong. Signing up was quick, easy, and very affordable. Thank you, Guardian.

Jessicaaug 6

Love everything about this company.

Jillmay 21

I am very pleased and happy with Guardian. I signed up for the Dental plan and within a few days, was at the dentist for a checkup and cleaning. No problems locating a local dentist in-network. Thank you, Guardian.

Anthonyjun 2

Good coverage. Good rates.

Jimmysep 6

Once we decided on Guardian, everything went smooth and easy.

Patricksep 1

The enrollment process was trouble-free and I was pleasantly surprised with the program costs.

Miasep 1

I could not have had a better experience. All of the customer care folks were great.

Troyaug 2

It was really easy to sign up.

Jeaninejul 8

For the most part quite helpful. I had unexpected problems all help was appreciated. Would love to see benefits improved for crowns etc. Grest on basic dental work

Cynthiajul 6

Wonderful service and follow-up efforts.

Caitlinaug 1

Enrolling was easy but every time I go to the website it’s like something isn’t finished. I hit the finish button but it’s like I’m re enrolling

Jasonaug 10

Fast, easy submission of claim. However thought gum recession surgery would be reimbursed at higher rate being it is preventative for further dental problems

Katjul 1

The monthly premium should be lowered on those over 65 as Medicare is now paying the first $500 of dental bills!

Laurajul 1

Guardian Direct was highly recommended. For good reason!!

Adammay 5

I don't remember enrolling with you. It was quite awhile ago.

Johnjun 4

Great experience with there costumer services !

Richardjun 4

Great Company. Benefits are easy to understand. Always easy to deal with if there is any issues.

Brianjun 4

Because of Covid, I have not been to the dentist in a year!!! Think I'm going to have to cancel till I can go again.

Williamjun 4

I would've preferred to pay yearly so it's it would be one less thing to pay attention to monthly.

Christinesep 22

Poor coverage for current premiums

Harryjun 4

Some of my coverage has been questionable with my dentist has been back and forth. I ended up paying up a lot more for what should have been covered.

Danjun 4


Ronaldjun 11

I signed-up for Guardian Direct because my employer who provided my Guardian Dental plan change plans and it was no longer offering Guardian and both myself and wife had dentist work in progress. Only after calls to the dentists and Guardian was I told I had to tell the dentists to submit original paper work submitted to old "Guardian" that the new "Guardian" would then possibly honor the waived periods. This is ridiculous and absurd. I promptly called the dentist and explained what had to be done. The dentist office stated they would again submit the claim to "Guardian" along with all the original "Guardian" paperwork. I am still waiting for the dentist to respond if a determination has been made.

Alexyjul 9

I use guardian for my dental insurance. They are fine with paying for routine check-ups. But stingy with approving crowns and any major dental work.

Barrettjul 2

Need to pay more than just 30% for dental, especially when I'm on the Achiever plan

Elainejun 3

I'm not thrilled with your service and am shopping for another provider.

Krisjun 5

The network dentist I visited did an unsatisfactory working of cleaning my teeth.

Coryjun 5

I could not get a place where implant dental where done threw the network which cost me to go out of network which cost a lot of money

Stevenjun 6

Very hard to get dentist to submit dental form to the correct guardian insurance company. You cannot pull up any info on phone only labtop

Brycejun 7

I’m not sure about the time limit that I have to use my benefits

Kimberlyjun 9

Percentage on Basic Services and Major Services should be increased for the amount of premiums.

Wilmamay 1

The rate I got was pretty high considering that I'm 54 years old and don't have any accidents moving violations or DUIs I'm not sure why my insurance rate quotes have been so high lately

Sauljun 3

The coverage is poor and help is difficult to come by. Doctors offices can never find my policy on the first try.

Theresajun 3

You pay next to nothing.

Melissajun 3

Don't understand why it cost so much a month!!!! And we still have to pay!!!

Danieljun 3

When we retired, we had to find dental coverage. Guardian was as close as we were going to get to the coverage we enjoyed during our working years. Now, a couple of years in, it is costing us more for dental visits than ever. Our premium is more than we ever paid, and we're not getting the same value of coverage. Our premium is guaranteed payment for you every month, and we keep paying at both ends. Thanks for screwing with the old people! On a positive note, at least we both still have our teeth. It's a win-win!

Charlottejun 3

Why do dental ins companies make paying customers wait a whole yr! Before we can get our teeth cared for

Bradyjun 3

Don’t understand why my optometrist said they couldnt find my account..and I just enrolled in guardian achiever and they can’t find my account 😕

Hansonjun 3

Limited information on benefits. Insane payment policies. Not much value for the cost. I should cancel but I’m not sure of a better option.

Nedjun 3

Policy is just ok. Coverage for older adults should be better on crowns etc.

Freddiejun 4

Week and half ago your agent told me dentist had recd what you did with my claim, not and l would be getting details of my claim, still nothing. It is like when l called the first about this claim and you said there was not one. Only after l said then why am l getting all these letters saying dentist was at fault ( we will say 5 letters) then you all found the claim, only to blame the dentist again and they sent you what you asked for again, for the third time.

Brandonjun 4

You do not send out your bills in a timely fashion. Twice I’ve been accused of being late. We like receiving our paper bills early and do not rely on the internet. TY

Alexjun 17

Your coverage covers nothing

Kristyjun 3

I paid out of pocket for a cleaning, x-Ray, etc only for you guys not to cover it immediately and that I would have to wait till September 2021 and an additional year for extraction so no I’m not happy.

Jasonjun 3

the worst communication ever that I've experienced with an insurance was unbelievable. your billing dept is one screwed up mess and the emails that I received were ridiculous. 1st my payment was received, then another that it wasn't, then another that it was..10 emails total over a 30 day period. also not getting anyone to speak with on the weekend or after 9pm is really really bad customer service. Overall the company needs an OVERHAUL from the top on down.

Hillaryjun 3

Unable to login into my account or retrieve password via email. I would like to make changes but cannot.

Dougjun 3

When I went on to get new glasses I ended up having to pay everything out of pocket. Not only that but it is an embarrassment to think that your insurance is going to cover you only to be told its not showing up so know you have to pocket money you wasn't prepared to spend only to have that same insurance harassing you about a payment for an invisible service!

Mollyjul 1

I called three times and spoke to three different persons and none were able to answer my question. They said I would be contacted, which never happened.

Markaug 13

Confusing e-mails, repetitive mailings, poor coverage

Nancyjun 3

You keep rejecting my claims because you are putting through my husbands ex-employer (Lithia Motors). We pay independently for our guardian. Get your act together, I am spending money every month for your insurance and the crap you are sending me sucks!!!

Petejul 6

This enrollment period was the absolute worst experience that we have been through. Hours and hours of time was spent on getting documents that were not necessary as well as spending hours of time on the phone trying to work with clueless representatives.

Gretajul 1

You suck! You are not paying claims timely or even at all. I had a cleaning you have not paid and my wife's policy had a cleaning that you took a deductible on which you shouldn't of, when I called about it you said you would fix it and you haven't. I am not very happy right now and my renewel is coming up

Connorjun 3

I was hung up on by a supervisor when trying to get an explanation on my dental plan. All I was given were the same scripted answers over and over again. When I wasn't receiving any sort of assistance I requested to have the plan terminated, at witch point I was rudly hung up on. Worst customer service I've ever received hands down!

Dinajun 3

The Guardian Direct website does not work for me, I use "My Dental Guardian Life" website with good results, so if you want my response to Guardian Direct then not good, dead end.

Lenajun 10

The billing is always incorrect and confusing The information requested is different depending on the representative including being told that my maximum was 700.00 when that was incorrect. The turn around time for the dentist office.

Zackjun 3

Not at all pleased

Williejun 3

You decline valid claims and you have the worst customer service.

Tracyjun 3

It takes too long for me to be able to use this insurance! 6 months just for a cleaning? 1 year for more extensive procedures? I'm paying alot considering all things.

Stephenjun 3

could not get in!

Robjun 4

You canceled my insurance without my knowledge. You always get paid so why would you just cancel. My husband and I have both had your insurance for a few years. I had to talk to Via benefits and submit a new application. I had to set my account up online. Now my account is messed up because you have my old account set up and my new account. I can’t link to the new account. You want me to go in to try to fix it on my end. Why. Delete the old one. I want to be reimbursed for my payment. Any other company I work with sets up the auto reimbursement for us with Via Benefits bit you. Send in more paper work. I’ve spent 5 hours trying to fix your issues. I refuse to spend any more of my time to fix your errors, otherwise you can start paying me. You ought to be able to fix issues.

Suejun 4

Im paying for something that I can’t use for twelve months!!!!

Timothyjun 4

I see it takes a long time for you to process my first bill.You should spend more paying ,not signing get it

Ronjun 5

I've never received my ID cards and I can't get anyone on the phone.

Cathyjun 12