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Independent Contractor's Guide to Individual Dental and Vision Insurance

How dental and vision insurance can help protect independent workers from unexpected costs.

Why You Need Dental Insurance When You Retire

As you enter your golden years and retirement, there’s one thing you still need to stay on top of: your oral health.

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young men and women outside eating ice cream and laughing, does cancer have a sweet tooth

Does Cancer Have a Sweet Tooth?

Here’s the truth about whether sugar can increase your risk of cancer.
man in a plaid shirt feeding his dog with a smile, why your dog needs a dental diet

Why Your Dog Needs a Dental Diet

Most of us probably don’t put a lot of thought into our dog’s oral health.
mom and her 2 children laughing on a ski slope wearing helmets and goggles, how concussions affect your brain and how to avoid them

How Concussions Affect Your Brain and How to Avoid Them

Here’s how concussions can affect your brain, and what you (or your active kids) can do to avoid them.
3 men sitting in a field laughing with a water bottle and a soccer ball, 5 most common sports injuries and how to avoid them

5 Most Common Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Here are the 5 most common injuries adults get while playing sports and how to prevent them.
picture of a mold of a lower jaw, has our modern diet destroyed our teeth

Has Our Modern Diet Destroyed Our Teeth?

When it comes to our health, most people agree we’re better off today than our ancient ancestors were.
daughter kissing mom, reasons people don't purchase dental insurance

4 Reasons People Don’t Purchase Dental Insurance

Good oral health is important for overall health and quality of life.