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picture of a snowy scene, winter and sensitive teeth

Winter and Sensitive Teeth

Extreme temperatures can cause serious pain for your teeth, especially if you deal with teeth sensitivity issues.
woman sitting outside on a bench with a cup of coffee, what to look for in your critical illness plan

What to Look for in Your Critical Illness Plan

Discover how to find the critical illness plan that’s best for you and your future.

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Illustration of building and an eye that is on the cover of the vision ebook

Your Complimentary Guide to Vision Insurance

Because vision care may be one of the most
expensive healthcare costs for you and your family.
A young woman leaning over her desk working on something, how to protect your vision as a freelancer

How to Protect Your Vision as a Freelancer

Learn tips for protecting your eyes and vision as a freelancer — and why you need to.
A young woman looking at her laptop, eating a piece of celery, 5 best foods for good vision

5 Best Foods for Good Vision

Help keep your vision sharp with these 5 foods.
Young woman smiling, sitting at a desk with a lap top and a tablet, When to (re-)evaluate your employer’s benefits

When to (Re-)Evaluate Your Employer’s Benefits

Even if you’re covered through your employer, here are the benefits of getting coverage on your own.
A father and child sitting on their bed with a dog, tips for teaching your child to care for their first dog

Tips for Teaching Your Child to Care for Their First Dog

Learn how to teach your children the most important aspects of being a safe and responsible dog owner.
An attractive African American woman outside getting a portrait taken, the health benefits of positive thinking

Looking on the Bright Side: The Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

From boosting your immune system to helping fight stress, here’s how positive thinking can improve your health.