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woman in suit with a big smile shaking another woman's hand, how to nail a job interview with your smile

How to Nail a Job Interview With Your Smile

When it comes to landing your dream job, confidence and presentation during the interview are key to success.

Flippers vs. Implants: Which Is Right for You?

Losing a tooth due to an accident or disease is never a pleasant experience.

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A blck and white dog running with a ball in his mouth, health risks at the dog park: how to keep your dog safe

Health Risks at the Dog Park: How to Keep Your Dog Safe

Discover how to protect your pup from potential health risks at the dog park.
a young family with a man holding a baby looking at a computer, how to buy dental insurance: the first 4 questions to ask

How to Buy Dental Insurance: The First 4 Questions to Ask

Regular trips to the dentist can curb a small problem like tartar build-up before it becomes a costly and serious issue.
picture of a snowy scene, winter and sensitive teeth

Winter and Sensitive Teeth

Extreme temperatures can cause serious pain for your teeth, especially if you deal with teeth sensitivity issues.
woman sitting outside on a bench with a cup of coffee, what to look for in your critical illness plan

What to Look for in Your Critical Illness Plan

Discover how to find the critical illness plan that’s best for you and your future.
man and woman at computer, dental insurance vs. dental discount plans comparison chart

Dental Insurance vs. Dental Discount Plans Comparison Chart

a young family at their kitchen sink washing their hands, how to keep the cold and flu out of your house this winter

How to Keep the Cold and Flu Out of Your House This Winter

It’s every parent’s least favorite time of year — the cold and flu season.