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Your Complimentary Guide to Vision Insurance

Guardian Direct Accident

Guardian Accident Protection Plus

When an accident happens, Guardian Direct® is here to help you be ready.

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man sitting at a table writing something while looking at his laptop, the pros and cons of DPPO and DHMO dental plans

The Pros and Cons of DPPO and DHMO Dental Plans

Here are the pros and cons of DPPO plans and DHMO plans so you can choose the best option for you and your family.
man sitting on his couch blowing his nose, why your teeth hurt when you have a cold

Why Your Teeth Hurt When You Have a Cold

As if being sick isn’t enough of a drag, suffering from tooth pain can make being sick that much worse.
woman in exercise clothes outside sitting on a bench holding a water bottle, can bad teeth lead to a bad heart

Can Bad Teeth Lead to a Bad Heart?

Here’s how your oral health affects your heart health and what you can do to protect your teeth (and heart) today.
save money on a root canal with dental insurance

How Dental Insurance Can Save You Money on a Root Canal Procedure

How to Save Money on a Root Canal with Dental Insurance
young woman smiling, what to do when COBRA coverage ends

What to Do When COBRA Coverage Ends: Your Options

No one is prepared for any circumstance that makes you lose your insurance coverage.
a married couple working together at a computer, how to combine your dental benefits with your spouse’s

How to Combine Your Dental Benefits With Your Spouse’s

If you and your spouse each have dental coverage, you may wonder which option is the best for both of you.