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4 Ways to Whiten Sensitive Teeth

Discover 4 options for getting a whiter smile when you have sensitive teeth.

4 Techniques to Properly Brush Your Teeth

Even though brushing is the most common part of any oral hygiene regimen, many people don’t brush correctly.

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3 girls in softball uniforms with softball equipment sitting on a bench laughing, is your sports equipment doing enough to protect your teeth?

Is Your Sports Equipment Doing Enough to Protect Your Teeth?

Getting your kids involved in sports at a young age can help foster their development in more ways than one.
man in exercise clothes sitting on a bench drinking a sports drink, are sports drinks bad for your teeth?

Are Sports Drinks Bad for Your Teeth?

You may see athletes in advertisements with sports drinks on the sidelines or taking a swig before a big game.
young girl holding her jaw, what to do when your child has a toothache

What to Do When Your Child Has a Toothache

From not being able to eat or drink to a restless night’s sleep, tooth pain can make your child miserable.
mother and child packing a school lunch, healthy tooth-friendly back-to-school snack ideas

Healthy Tooth-Friendly Back-to-School Snack Ideas

Snacks fuel children’s active, growing bodies.
young woman on couch with her dog and cat, does your pet need dental care

Does Your Pet Need Dental Care?

Most people visit their dentist once or twice a year. Can the same be said about cats and dogs?
young girl dressed as a witch holding a pumpkin, worst halloween candy for your teeth

Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

Here’s a list of candy for you and your kids to try to avoid this Halloween to keep your teeth healthy.