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7 Reasons Millennials Need Dental Insurance

As a Millennial, you might use your youth as a reason to avoid certain realities, such as the need for dental insurance.

How Can Stress Affect Your Teeth?

Stress Levels Are On The Rise

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How Does Chlorine in Pools Affect My Teeth?

People spend countless hours swimming during the summer because of the exercise and fun.

3 Common Mouth Problems You’re Ignoring — And What It’ll Cost You

Some of the most-common oral health problems are cavities, gum disease and infectious diseases.

Why Freelancers May Need Supplemental Insurance Coverage

Discover how supplemental insurance can help protect your health and savings as a freelancer.

How to Protect Your Vision as a Freelancer

Learn tips for protecting your eyes and vision as a freelancer — and why you need to.

The Benefits of Having Your Teeth Sealed for Children & Adults

Why both children and adults can benefit from having teeth sealed.

What Is Accident Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Here’s what an accident insurance plan covers and how it can help you get back on your feet quicker.