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Goodbye, Cavities: 3 Ways You Can Cut Back on Plaque at Home

Try out these 3 home remedies to help you cut back on plaque and prevent cavities.

Dental Crown Cost and How Dental Insurance Coverage Can Help

How Dental Insurance Helps with the Cost of Crowns

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Top 4 Reasons Generation X Needs Dental Insurance

Here are 4 key reasons you should buck the trend of other Gen Xers and invest in dental insurance today.

Prepping for a Dentist Visit

As your dental appointment draws closer, you may start to get anxious and wonder how to best prepare for your visit.

Is Your Employer Required to Provide Dental and Health Coverage?

Find out if your employer is required to offer health or dental coverage, and how to find coverage if you’re excluded.

Are You Taking Advantage of Dental Coverage for Your Children?

Most people have accepted that proper oral healthcare is essential to overall wellbeing.

7 Reasons Millennials Need Dental Insurance

As a Millennial, you might use your youth as a reason to avoid certain realities, such as the need for dental insurance.

How Can Stress Affect Your Teeth?

Stress Levels Are On The Rise