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A young woman looking at her laptop, eating a piece of celery, 5 best foods for good vision

5 Best Foods for Good Vision

Help keep your vision sharp with these 5 foods.
Young woman smiling, sitting at a desk with a lap top and a tablet, When to (re-)evaluate your employer’s benefits

When to (Re-)Evaluate Your Employer’s Benefits

Even if you’re covered through your employer, here are the benefits of getting coverage on your own.

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An attractive African American woman outside getting a portrait taken, the health benefits of positive thinking

Looking on the Bright Side: The Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

From boosting your immune system to helping fight stress, here’s how positive thinking can improve your health.
A Father and son wearing red capes as dad flies his son through the air, 5 tools you can use to overcome dental anxiety

5 Tools You Can Use to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Try out these methods for easing dental anxiety so you can go into your next dental appointment with confidence.
A young boy and girl in Super Hero costumes flexing their muscles, the strong bone and bruise-proof diet

The Strong Bone and Bruise-Proof Diet

Chew on these foods to say goodbye to bruises and hello to strong bones and skin.
The back of a helmet and shoulder pads of a junior league football player, why does football cause so many concussions?

Why Does Football Cause So Many Concussions?

Discover why football is the riskiest sport for concussions and how you can help protect your young athlete.
Two young girls high fiving after a race, the benefits of organized sports for your kids

The Benefits of Organized Sports for Your Kids

Organized sports can help your child build social, physical and mental skills on and off the field.
A young girl lying on a blanket playing with a cat, 5 common cat health issues and what they could cost you

5 Common Cat Health Issues and What They Could Cost You

Save your heart and your wallet some pain by preventing these 5 common cat health issues.