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What is Vision Insurance?

Whether you wear glasses or have perfect vision, caring for your eyes can be an important part of managing your overall health. Vision insurance can make eye care more affordable. Vision insurance typically covers preventive care, including eye exams, as well as products to correct vision, such as prescription glasses and sunglasses, as well as contact lenses. Some vision insurance plans also offer discounts on LASIK and other elective vision correction surgery. Not having vision insurance can cost you hundreds of dollars each year in eye care expenses.1

Vision insurance and vision benefits plans can be included as part of a workplace benefits program offered by employers to their workers. Individuals and families who do not have access to a workplace benefits program may be able to purchase these plans directly from an insurance provider to help make their eye care and prescription glasses and contacts more affordable.

What Vision Plans Are Available Through Guardian & VSP?

Guardian Direct offers multiple vision plans through VSP: Focused Vision Gold, Focused Vision Silver, and Focused Vision Standard. All plans are powered by VSP® Individual Vision Plans. A Focused Vision Plan can start at just $14/month or less in most states. Plan benefits include an annual vision exam for just $15 and your choice of prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses every 12 months. You’ll also receive savings on popular upgrades, such as designer frames or special lens enhancements. You can even save on laser vision correction with 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price at participating VSP network locations.

With the Focused Vision Gold plan, your monthly premium is higher but you also pay lower co-pays on vision procedures and products. With the Gold plan, you receive a larger allowance for standard frame and contact lenses and you pay a smaller co-pay for progressive lenses and anti-reflective lens coating. Learn more about our vision plans and find the one that’s right for you.



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Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents, and employees do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Consult your tax, legal, or accounting professional regarding your individual situation. Vision Insurance is provided by VSP and billing and premium collection services for such vision insurance are conducted by DTC GLIC, LLC (d/b/a DTC GLIC Insurance Sales, LLC in California).  DTC GLIC, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America ("Guardian"). Guardian and DTC GLIC, LLC are not affiliated with VSP and Guardian and DTC GLIC, LLC do not assume any responsibility or liability for non-Guardian products or services, including those offered by VSP. Guardian Direct plans are underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America or its subsidiaries, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states. Policy limitations and exclusions apply. In the event of a conflict between this document and the language stated in your Guardian insurance policy, the language of the policy shall control. GUARDIAN® is a registered service mark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® ©Copyright 2019 The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, N.Y.



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