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What is Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance is a type of insurance that pays a cash benefit if you or a loved one has an accidental injury. It helps with the unexpected expenses that comes with an accidental injury such as a broken bone, burn, or concussion that medical insurance doesn't fully cover. Multiple injury and treatment types may be covered, including ambulance charges, emergency room visits, hospital costs, surgery, crutches, physical therapy, and more. Benefits paid are based on the type of injury, severity of the injury, and type of treatments you receive. Cash benefits for supplemental accident insurance can be used in any way you choose.

If your medical insurance plan has a high deductible, which is common in high-deductible health plans, you would be responsible to pay a large deductible should an accident occur.  If you want to avoid using savings to cover the unexpected costs of an accident to you, your spouse or your children, accident insurance can help you avoid the savings drain that can be caused by a serious injury.

Like other types of insurance products, you pay a premium and receive coverage. If you are injured, you’ll receive a benefit.

What Accident Insurance Policies Are Available Through Guardian?

Guardian offers two individual accident insurance plans, Guardian Accident Protection Plus Gold and Guardian Accident Protection Plus Silver. Both plans cover over 25 injury and treatment types, both plans pay benefits directly to you, both don’t have a deductible and there is no annual maximum with either plan. The gold plan provides the greatest savings protection because it offers the highest level of coverage. See sample coverages below or find more information about Guardian’s supplemental accident insurance plans, including a video overview of accident insurance, case studies and other related resources.


  Guardian Accident Protection Plus Gold Guardian Accident Protection Plus Silver
Injury Treatment Benefits
Outpatient Treatment
Urgent Care Doctor Visit $20 $10
Diagnostic X-Ray $40 $30
Diagnostic CT, CAT, MRI, EEG $160 $120
Emergency Room $200 $150
Follow-Up Visit $50 $25
Physical Therapy Up to 10x at $50 Up to 10x at $25
Ambulance Services
Ambulance $210 $150
Air Ambulance $1,400 $1,000
Hospital Treatment
Hospital Admission $1,750 $1,250
Hospital ICU Admission $3,500 $2,500
Hospital Confinement $300/day $250/day
Hospital ICU Confinement $600/day $500/day
Rehabilitation Confinement $120/day $100/day
Restorative Treatment
Prescribed Appliance $150 $125
Dental Crown or Extraction up to $300 up to $250
Eye Surgery or Object Removal $300 $250
Prescribed Prosthetic $1,500 $1,250
Lump Sum Injury Benefits
Concussion $90 $75
Laceration up to $600 up to $500
Fracture – Non-Surgical up to $3,000 up to $2,250
Fracture – Surgical up to $6,000 up to $4,500
Dislocation – Non-Surgical up to $3,000 up to $2,250
Dislocation – Surgical up to $6,000 up to $4,500
Other Surgery up to $1,500 up to $1,250
Burn (2nd, 3rd Degree) up to $12,000 up to $10,000
Coma $9,000 $7,500
Accidental Dismemberment or Death Benefits
Member up to $50,000 up to $25,000
Spouse up to $25,000 up to $12,500
Child up to $10,000 up to $5,000
Children’s Organized Sports Benefits
If a dependent child (18 and younger) was participating in an organized sport when the covered accident occurred, the benefit paid will increase by 20%.*

*Please note the children's organized sports additional benefit is not available in the state of New York. The child must be insured by the plan on date the accident occurred. 

2019-87906 (10/21)


Individual Accident Insurance products are underwritten by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, New York. Products are not available in all states. Policy limitations and exclusions apply.  The actual limitations and exclusions that apply to your Accident Plan are governed by the policy forms approved for use in your state.  Please refer to your policy for a complete list of limitations and exclusions. In the event of a conflict between this document and the language stated in your Guardian insurance policy, the language of the policy shall control.  This policy provides limited benefits only. Rates are guaranteed for one year for your policy of benefits initially selected. Policies renew annually up to age 90. Accident Individual Policy Form IP- Accident:  IP-ACC-16 et. al. Guardian Direct plans are underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America New Your, N.Y. or its subsidiaries. GUARDIAN® is a registered service mark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® ©Copyright 2019 The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.


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