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Is Accident Insurance Worth It?

If you or a family member has an accident, chances are you’ll be hit with unexpected expenses. Accident insurance can help you avoid the savings drain that can be caused by serious injury by helping with the expenses that your medical insurance doesn’t cover, such as deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance, and any other out-of-pocket costs.

Accident insurance covers multiple injury and treatment categories, including dislocations, lacerations, concussions, fractures, eye injuries, burns, crutches, dental crowns or extractions and accidental death and dismemberment. The cash payment goes right to you—not to doctor or hospitals. You can use your cash benefit for any purpose you choose, including medical bills, your mortgage, childcare, groceries, and more so you can focus on your recovery, not your bills.

When Should I Get Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance is for those who want to avoid using savings to cover the unexpected costs of an accident. If your savings would suffer a setback to pay for the costs beyond what major medical insurance will cover, then accident insurance can help. Get the confidence of knowing a cash benefit paid directly to you can be used in any way you choose, to cover medical deductibles and co-pays, ambulance charges, crutches, physical therapy, or even household expenses.

Does Accident Insurance Replace My Major Medical Plan?

No. Accident insurance is a supplemental health insurance plan that is not a substitute for major medical coverage. It’s designed to cover the out-of-pocket costs from an accidental injury that your major medical plan does not cover. The cash benefit can be used in any way you choose to pay for expenses such as medical deductibles and co-pays, or even your mortgage, household expenses, or childcare.


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