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What makes a perfect smile?

A perfect smile depends on many measurable scientific factors.

A perfect smile depends on the length of your teeth, the amount of gum showing, and many other measurable scientific factors. People’s tastes also change with different trends. For example, the look in Hollywood today shows a lot more teeth than smiles did 20 years ago. No matter what the fashion is, though, healthy teeth are always important. You should brush, floss, and get regular cleanings. If you have gaps between your teeth or your teeth are crooked, see an orthodontist to have the problem corrected. Always remember that confidence is just as important to an ideal smile as great teeth.

A white smile

Many people think lighter teeth look healthier, and there are many tooth whitening products available that can get rid of stains and discolorations. Peroxide-based whitening agents are most common. At-home teeth whitening kits often contain peroxide gels or strips with peroxide that are designed to be left on your teeth as long as overnight.

However, home treatments can actually be more expensive than an in-office teeth whitening by a dentist. Using an at-home treatment is less expensive at first, but the whitening agents are also less concentrated than the ones used by dentists. You could have to spend more money over time on several whitening kits, while a dentist can make your smile brighter in one quick procedure. To keep your smile realistic, don’t make your teeth lighter than the whites of your eyes, also called the sclera.

Features of an ideal smile

In an ideal smile, all your front teeth should be visible. Usually, people should also be able to see parts of your upper premolars, the teeth next to your canines. Men tend to show less of their upper teeth, which is where the expression “stiff upper lip” comes from. Your teeth should also be symmetrical, just like the rest of your face and body. Most people consider rounded teeth as more feminine and square teeth as more masculine. The curve of your upper front teeth should be parallel to your bottom lip. This is called your smile arc.

No more than 2 millimeters of your gums should show above your teeth. If your smile shows more than that, you could have overactive muscles. A cosmetic dentist can fix this problem with a shot of Botox.

Improving your smile with veneers

Porcelain veneers are popular because they can correct several problems at once. These ultrathin ceramics are bonded to your teeth to make them look whiter, hide gaps, improve their shape, and correct chipped, cracked, or uneven teeth. If your lips tend to droop inwards, the right veneers can even push your lips out so they look fuller and more youthful.

Dental insurance can help you correct problems with your smile and prevent future trouble through regular checkups and cleanings. If you see a dentist often, you can avoid unsightly stains and get cavities fixed before treatment becomes expensive. Many insurance plans will even help with the cost of braces for straighter teeth and a more appealing smile.

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