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Money when you need it most: 6 non-medical expenses covered by accident insurance

Here are 6 non-medical expenses that accident insurance covers when you're in need of a helping hand.

If you’ve been laid low by an accident, you’ve probably got more on your mind than just recovery.

Although dealing with an injury after an accident is stressful enough, not being able to walk or drive can add even more stress while you try to recover. Not to mention the financial strain of missing work due to the injury.

An accident can come with more than a handful of unexpected out-of-pocket medical costs. And if you’re like most Americans, you don’t have a rainy-day fund to cover unexpected medical bills. 

Plus, you’ve still got your every-day bills to pay too, like your mortgage and utility bills. 

Accident insurance is a welcome financial safety net for you and your family when you need it most. After a covered accident, you’ll receive a cash benefit paid directly to you — not the doctors or hospital — to use however you want. 

You can use the benefit to pay for your out-of-pocket medical costs like deductibles, medication or physical therapy. 

But you can also pay for the unexpected costs that can come after you have an accident, like traveling to and from treatment, groceries, and childcare expenses. 

If you suffer a loss of income due to missing work, your everyday bills won’t wait. From groceries to childcare to car payments, here are 6 non-medical expenses that accident insurance covers when you’re in need of a helping hand. 


Unexpected medical costs can make a big impact on your monthly food budget. If you have to miss work because of your injury, it can be that much harder to put food on the table for you and your family.

Accident insurance ensures you’ll never have to worry about feeding yourself and your family when you’re up against unexpected bills. You can use your cash benefit to pay for groceries and restaurant bills while you recover.

Healing after an accident can be hard enough — worrying about feeding yourself and your family shouldn’t be an added challenge.

Rent or mortgage

If you’re like half of America, half of your paycheck goes to rent every month. If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably paying at least $1500 a month on a mortgage.

With more cash going to out-of-pocket medical costs, your budget for other expenses after paying your rent or mortgage can be tight. 

With accident insurance, you can use your cash benefit to pay your rent, mortgage, and other homeowner fees like home insurance, HOA (homeowner's association) payments and utility bills.

Accident insurance ensures you’ll never have to worry about securing the roof over your head after an unexpected medical bill.

Car payments

Your car is your ticket to work, picking up the kids and running important errands like grabbing groceries or cashing your paycheck. Plus, your ability to get to and from your medical appointments after an accident is critical to your recovery

When your budget is strained from unexpected medical bills, taking care of your monthly car payments can be that much harder. Use your cash benefit to cover anything from gasoline to your monthly car payment to car insurance. 

Your cash benefit can also be used to cover the extra mileage it takes to get to and from your hospital visits, doctor appointments or specialty care treatments. When you’ve got places to go, accident insurance helps get you there.

Child care

Taking care of your tykes isn’t always cheap, especially if they need childcare while you or your partner are at work. 

Unexpected medical bills can make it hard to keep up with childcare costs — especially if you need to pay for extra childcare while you’re at the doctor, surgeon or physical therapist for treatment after an accident.

Accident insurance gives you the cash you need to take care of costs like daycare or a babysitter. You can rest assured your family will have the support they need when you’re the most financially vulnerable.


After an accident, your doctor may recommend you to a surgeon, physical therapist or other care provider whose office is far away. And the cost of lodging in a different city for treatment can be expensive.

You can use your cash benefit to pay for lodging associated with treatment after an accident. So, whether you need a hotel near a hospital or doctor’s office for a weekend or several weeks, you won’t have to sweat the bill. 

Active children

Got an athletic tyke at home who’s no stranger to bumps and bruises?

Accident insurance with Guardian Direct™ covers your dependent kids if they get injured playing their favorite organized sport.

Guardian’s child organized sport benefit increases your benefits by 20% when your child suffers an accident on the court, field, or pool. So, if your child likes to play rough and winds up in the emergency room, you can rest assured your wallet won’t take a hit, too. 

Unexpected medical bills are one of the biggest financial challenges Americans face today. But with accident insurance, you don’t have to sacrifice your savings or lifestyle to cover your treatment.

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