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How many accidents are covered by my accident insurance plan?

No matter how accident-prone a child may be, there’s no limit to the times they can be covered by your accident plan.

One of the big perks of an accident insurance plan is getting coverage for your entire family, including dependent children.

Whether you’ve got a 2-year-old just learning to toddle or a 17-year-old hockey star, their bumps, bruises, burns and breaks are all covered by your accident insurance.

Although your regular medical insurance plan may cover part of your child’s medical bills, accident insurance helps pick up the slack. So you can focus on supporting your child’s recovery instead of worrying about the medical bills waiting for you at home.

But if you’ve got a particularly accident-prone brood, you may be wondering just how far your plan can stretch.

If your athletic teen breaks his wrist on the ski hill a month after your little ballerina gets a concussion, is there a limit to how many accidents are covered in a year?

No matter how accident-prone child may be, there’s no limit to the amount of times they can be covered by your accident plan. Learn more about the many ways an accident plan can help cover your active (and your accident-prone) kids.

How many accidents are covered by my plan?

With an Accident Protection Plus plan, there is no limit on how many accidents are covered by your plan in any given year.

Whether you’ve got a pair of rough-housing twins at home or a handful of young athletes, you can rest assured all their accidents may be covered, no matter the time frame.

What types of accidents are covered by my plan?

Below are some of the different accidents that are covered by your accident insurance plan:

  • Concussion: $90
  • Laceration: Up to $600
  • Fracture – non-surgical: Up to $3,000
  • Fracture – surgical: Up to $6,000
  • Dislocation – non-surgical: Up to $3,000
  • Dislocation – surgical: Up to $6,000
    • Other Surgery: Up to $1,500
  • Burn (2nd or 3rd degree: Up to $12,000)
  • Coma: $9,000
  • Dismemberment: Up to $50,000

Accident coverage for your active kids

From treatment to transportation, accident coverage helps lessen the burden of medical costs when your little athlete suffers an accident.

And an accident plan with Guardian Direct doesn’t just cover medical costs. You can even use it to help with groceries or child care for your other kids during this financially vulnerable time. 

Organized sports benefit

Here at Guardian, our accident plans come with an Organized Sports Benefit for your dependent children (18 years old and younger). 

With this extra coverage, your cash benefit increases by 20% when your child is injured while playing an organized sport — as long as they’re actively enrolled in your accident plan when the injury occurs. 

So you can be confident your child is protected while they give it their all during their next match.

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