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Getting to the dentist with restricted mobility

Getting to the dentist isn’t always easy.

In fact, if you have limited mobility it can seem impossible to take care of your dental health. Luckily, there are several ways to get to the dentist, even if you have a hard time getting around. There’s no need to ignore your dental health, and in fact poor dental health can lead to other medical problems.

Check your insurance

Whether you have dental insurance or regular health insurance, give them a call. Many insurance providers can help you get to your appointments. They contract with people and companies to help those with limited mobility get out to medical appointments. Because dental health is so important, many times these insurance companies will work with you to get you to the dentist regularly. Even if the insurance company doesn’t offer this service, they can usually point you in the right direction for getting help to and from your appointments.

Call a service

There are many ride services available today that can help you get to your appointment. In the past, a taxi may have been your only option, and that can get expensive depending on where you live in comparison to your dentist’s office. Luckily, there are more options now. Services such as Uber and Lyft can give you a ride to your dentist and then pick you up when you’re done. These services are more affordable than many other traditional options, and give you the flexibility you need.

Public transportation

Many people with limited mobility have access to great public transportation options. Most large cities have great bus options accessible to anyone. However, before you decide to take public transportation, make sure you check the proximity of the bus stops to both your home and the dentist’s office. Depending on your location, public transportation can be a huge benefit, allowing you the freedom and accessibility you need. If you don’t already have a regular dentist, you can even look for one that is close to a bus stop, allowing you to easily get to and from your appointments.

Friends or family

While you may be uncomfortable asking for favors from friends and family, keep in mind the importance of your dental health. Asking someone close for a ride to your dentist appointment allows you to be comfortable and more relaxed during your appointment. Plus, you know that you can easily get to and from the appointment, without having to worry about the stress of public transportation or riding with a stranger. Those close to you are likely willing to help out with a ride, so don’t hesitate to ask when needed.

Too often, people come up with excuses not to go to the dentist. While restricted mobility is a legitimate issue, it’s not something that should hold you back. Keeping up with regular dental appointments helps you stay on top of developing problems and ahead of any issues that may arise. Your dental health is as important as your overall health.

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