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10 common medical costs without accident insurance

From MRIs to broken bones, here’s how much 10 common medical events can cost without insurance.

Broken bones, concussions, a trip to the emergency room: most of us experience at least one of these medical events in our lives. And if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid an injury that needs treatment, your kids or spouse may not be so lucky.

Not only can these medical events be painful, but they can be a pain for your wallet if you’re not insured. In fact, average treatment for a concussion without insurance can range around $18,454.

Anything from a broken arm to a hospital stay can be pricey, and not all of it may be covered by your regular health insurance plan. 

So how much do common accident-related procedures and treatments like a broken arm cost? 

The average price for common accident-related medical costs without accident insurance coverage are below:

Ambulance ride: On average between $224 to $2,204, depending on location.

Hospital stay: An average hospital stay can run about $10,000, depending on where you live and your age (for people ages 45-84, an average stay may cost around $12,500, while ages 18-44 may pay an average of $7,400).

Urgent Care Trip: The base price of an urgent care clinic trip can range from $71-125, depending on location. (This is the cost without any procedures). Nearly all their procedures (X-rays, bone casting and lab tests), are covered by insurance and cost about $150 per patient.

Broken Bone: The average cost for a non-surgical treatment of a broken arm or leg is about $2,500.

Concussion: The average cost to treat a concussion is around $18,454.

Dental Crown or Extraction: $75 to $300 for a non-surgical tooth extraction or $150 to $650 for a surgical extraction that uses anesthesia.

For a tooth extraction, you may spend on average between $328 for a single resin crown and up to $821 for a single porcelain-fused crown.

X-ray: On average, X-rays cost around $260 to $460, varying by provider and geographic location.

CT Scan: CAT scan costs can range from $270 to $4,800, based on location and which area of the body needs a scan.

MRI: On average, MRI costs range between $400 and $3,500, based on which type of procedure you have done, which body part and the location of care.

Physical Therapy Session: A physical therapy session may cost between $50-$350, depending on the length of the session, the services provided and the provider. Physical therapy in a hospital setting may be more expensive.

If you or your spouse is laid out thanks to an accident, you may have to miss work. That’s even more income lost during a time when you need it most.

Accident insurance is a powerful defense against these common medical costs — some of which could set you back thousands of dollars.

Your accident insurance payout goes with you from start to finish. It can cover anything from ambulance rides to X-rays to restorative and rehabilitation treatment.

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