Bad habits that can loosen your teeth

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Everyone has bad habits of some sort.

Some bad habits are worse for your health than others. There are several common habits out there that can loosen your teeth, and even cause severe damage inside your mouth. If you have any of these habits, consider talking to your dentist about ways to stop. Otherwise, you may find yourself with loose teeth and damaged gums.

Grinding or clenching

It’s difficult to ascertain exactly what percentage of the population grinds their teeth, but estimates hover around 20-30%. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is usually an unconscious habit that often happens when you’re asleep. There are a number of causes for this habit, such as anxiety, stress, or other medical problems. However, if you’re clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth, you can severely weaken and eventually loosen your teeth. One way to stop this practice is to simply notice that you’re doing it. When you’re awake, you can loosen your jaw if you realize it’s something you’re doing. Mouth guards are also helpful to prevent grinding and clenching at night.

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Not brushing

According to some studies, about one in four adults admit to not brushing twice a day, and one in ten adults say they forget to brush their teeth regularly. When you brush your teeth, you’re doing more than just making your breath smell better. You’re also strengthening your teeth and gums. When you forget to brush regularly, you’re more likely to suffer from loose teeth, in addition to lots of other problems. Make sure to get brushing both in the morning and evening into your daily routine to help prevent loose teeth.

Teeth as tools

Using your teeth to pull tags off clothes, open bottles, cut tape, or other similar activities is a severely bad habit that can affect your teeth. Using your teeth as tools puts added stress and pressure on the teeth, and can also injure your gums. If you try to open or pull something with your teeth, you’re more likely to cause a chipped or loose tooth than if you don’t. Instead of using your teeth, get the proper tools for these activities to save you a trip to the dentist.

Drinking sugary drinks

Who doesn’t love a sip of soda or some delicious juice? Unfortunately, sugary drinks lead to tooth decay and can even cause severe problems such as loose teeth. The reason for this is that the sugar accumulates on the teeth and becomes difficult to remove. In addition, the acidic quality of many of these drinks can erode the protective enamel on your teeth. Add these issues to gum disease, and you have a recipe for a loose tooth or other oral hygiene problems.

Everyone has bad habits that they have to fight against. Some of these habits lead to lost teeth, cavities, gum disease, and other oral problems. However, if you notice you have any of these habits, make an effort to reverse the habit. Keep your teeth in top condition, and you’re less likely to end up with a loose one.


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